Hackathon ~ ScriptIT

2 March 2013

So, how do I feel about organizing an event?


How do I feel about organizing an overnight hackathon?


How do I feel about organizing the first ever hackathon at my college, CEG?

Sounds cool.

But, how do I feel about organizing the first ever hackathon in the history of my 219-year-old college?

Hells to the yeah! That's freaking history right there! Set my name in stone and sing my song, my faithfuls!


Coming to the actual event itself, we called it ScriptIT. It was a part of the recently concluded Symposium of the Department of Information Science and Technology, ITrix 2013.

We got hold of a comfy lab at the Ramanujan Computing Center, which has access to high speed internet. Dorai Thodla, a 1971 alumni of our college and the daddy of geeks in the Greater Chennai area, kickstarted the event.

People pitched really fun ideas and some of them were able to successfully complete the hack. The hacks go like this, a facebook session tracking android app, an enhanced local git server, a way to connect to an infrastucture's network by getting hold of a specific qr, among others. I, myself worked on a flask app for accessing tweets. It was alright.

No one snoozed through the event. Special thanks to the little blood-suckers which kept everyone busy. Cool people like Yuvi Panda (who helped me set my stuff straight. Yayy!) and artagnon also made it to the event.

All in all, it was a really, really fun event, thanks to my fellow CS buddies who worked on an entirely different hack. Loved it.

Dinesh and Abishek Bhat were also part of the organizing team. Give 'em some credit too.

Will I do it if I get an other shot at this?


P.S. Thanks to the guys who stayed back and helped fix the room. You're awesome.