Checking out guitars

31 March 2013

That creaky old guitar, was barely holding up.

It was time. Time for me to get a new one. So, I found myself at this cozy little store across town. The whole place reeked of a woody scent - the kind you get from a mixture of newly polished instruments and old decaying ones. The 50-something storekeeper showed me to the acoustic guitar section, after inquiring what I was looking for.

I was checking out the pieces on display. Nothing fancy. Pretty standard pieces. The store owner excused himself to tend to an other customer. Oh well. I started trying out one of them. But everytime I struck a chord (literally), this mean-looking devil of a chihuahua growled at me. Must have been the shopkeeper's. I didn't give a second-thought (read, damn) and kept trying the instruments out, with a chihuahua yelping and glaring at me menacingly.

It was then.

...and there, did I lay my eyes upon that beauty of a Stingray bass guitar. Just holding it in my trembling hands, gave me the mother of all thrills and the daddy of all chills. I had to have it. Had to.

So, as I was about to hit them precious four-strings of that god of a bass, and send the whole store on a journey of musical nirvana, the devil jumps at me. The son-of-a-biatch (literally) grabs my ankle and purrs. I try to shake it off, but it buries its sharp little teeth further in. It sends a wave of excruciating pain across my body and I...

... dropped the bass.

I became Skrillex.