Forever a Red

May 8 2013

Sir Alex Ferguson is stepping down.

Stepping down as the manager of the one and true Manchester United FC.

This is just painfully sad.

Sad for the Premier League, which will be losing its most successful manager.

And even more so for United, who will be losing their Watchful Protector; their Silent Guardian; their Greatest Knight - Sir Alex Ferguson.

You are United's Dark Knight, Sir Alex.


Edit 1
* ~ Sunday's home game against Swansea is going to be pretty emotional, no doubt.
* ~ As for his successor, this is gonna be one pretty hard act to follow.

Edit 2
* ~ Only legends can make this happen ~ Come back when you got 18? Sure.

Edit 3
* ~ Sigh.
* ~ Can a 'Sir' David Moyes step up please?

Edit 4
* "You know how good you are, you know the jersey you're wearing, you know what it means to everyone here and don't ever let yourself down." ~ Wow.