John Mayer AP

August 26, 2013

John Mayer Appreciation Post

Sunday afternoons. Never spent a useful one as long as I can remember. Anyway, busting through some old music archives, I chanced upon my old John Mayer playlist. Hitting that play button, I realized,

John Mayer is one of the most gifted songwriter-guitarists of our times.

... and sadly, a bit underrated. His hits like, 'Your Body is a Wonderland', 'Who Says' or 'Slow Dancing in a Buring Room', are each master acts on their own. But what really stood out for me, this particular Sunday was this other song - a concert performance.

This song ~ In Your Atmosphere

Simply one of the best songs ever. Can't put a finger on it, but this song is... just wow. Listen to it.

Though he's been on a gradual decline over the years, you just can't write him off yet. Paradise Valley looks set to do better than his previous release, but the focus shift from alternative rock to a country-infused genre throws me off a bit. His musical ability remains unquestionable though, as usual. 'Who you love' stands out in this album. Check it out.

All possiblities barring, even if his musical journey ends here, he should and will always be remembered as that quirky mellow rock genius.

A comment on 'In Your Atmosphere' says,

Here you can see a legend in his prime.

... and rightly so.