17 Aug 2012


Well, Hello to you there!

If you're reading this post, it means you either want to download the hashLog app or are looking to report a bug or problem. Thank you either way.

So, hashLog is a "TraceBack" app.

Traceback as in it lets you keep track of your various endeavours/activities. Whether, its the new piano lessons you're taking or your Algorithms class or the... well quit it. I'll let you figure out your own way to use this.

So, all you gotta do is type in a log/note and put a hashTag (#) in front of the word(s) u wanna catagorize the log by. A fifty or so notes later, lets say you want to view the logs under the #apGeo category. Just do a search on that tag. And voila! Mix and match search tags to be a bit more specific.

Some tidbits

The app is simple. So, I'd like to keep this post simple as well. You can download it here...

Get it on Google Play        Reviewers Choice. hashLog for Android

And dont forget to rate it :)

Thank you.