Hydrogen + Time

22 February 2013

"How did it all begin?"

The buzzing sound of the coffee maker drowned in his monologue.

It was a fairly casual thought. He used to ponder over it from time to time. The acceptable theory of the universe expanding from a singular, central, small, extremely dense and hot ball of mass was not adequate for him. Yeah, the expanding universe and the cosmic radiation backed this theory. Good. And he believed that. This theory must be the closest to the real deal. But, there was something amiss.

"Who put that hot ball there in the first place?"

He bet the creationists had a perfectly credible theory for that. He smirked. His coffee was pretty hot.

Is it as simple as,

 Hydrogen + Time = Universe?

That kinda explains it. But who put the hydrogen there, then? Or maybe there is an even simpler version, which the hollywood faithful have been trying to teach us for so long - Electron meets Proton next door. And they lived happily ever after?


So if this theory, is in fact right, then the expanding universe will reach its limit i.e. the universe will achieve thermodynamic equilibrium some day, trillions of years away. In simpler words, it becomes perfectly stable. What happens next?

Entropy reaches its maximum value. All the stars die. Energy begins to ebb. He hypothesized that the universe will begin to contract, or move towards a single point of sufficient gravity. Then, when all the mass is congregated as one extraordinary piece of mass... again. Boom! Big Bang. All over again.

That explains it. So, its a cycle.

 Universe Expands
 Universe Contracts


The thought of whole civilizations beginning and ending overwhelmed him. Talk about universes - instances of them. He was astounded and then, complacent. His wandering mind was satisfied. The coffee was nice.


How did the FIRST loop of the universe begin? Who put that hot ball in place?!

The coffee was firing up his raging neurons, when he was interrupted by a flash on his terminal,


Well, $h1t.

P.S. You're welcome to argue the 'Electron meets Proton' theory with the author. Just mail him. Be warned though, for he will be armed with DVDs of The Notebook and 500 Days of Summer, and Nutella - Deadly.

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